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Root Canal Treatment at Whitehouse Dental

Some procedures at the dentist are desirable ie to make the patients teeth look better. Other treatments are essential and root canal treatment is definitely the latter!

Patients are usually in severe pain when they need a root canal as the pulp in their tooth has become infected, sometimes causing swelling and/or an Abscess. It is essential not to leave a swelling or severe toothache as it will only get worse and if left, the dentists only choice will be to remove the tooth. This is costly to the patient as options are minimized to expensive implants and bridges to fill the gap a lost tooth has caused.

The dental surgeons at Whitehouse Dental Practice are highly skilled in Endodontics (Root canal surgery). It is a time consuming procedure and must be done with extreme care. The dentist is working with hair breadth precision, in millimeter long root canals and therefore 40 minutes for each of the three appointments is booked.

Even though the dentist has to work very hard on patients undergoing root canal treatment  the patient does not feel any discomfort. Our patients report that it is just the same as having an ordinary filling.

Three appointments are booked for root canal treatment. The first appointment assures the patient is out of pain and the infection is treated and the nerve running through the canal is removed.

The second appointment usually 2 weeks later permanently fills the root canal and then the third appointment restores the tooth by way of a white filling on the top or a crown so the tooth retains its natural appearance.

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