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Our Laboratories

We use three local dental laboratories. They all carry the British Bite mark denoting that their laboratory work is made in Britain.

From time to time the Dentists need to send work to special Dental technicians who work closely to the dentists prescription and make crowns, bridges and dentures.

At Whitehouse Dental we like to inform our patients about  our laboratories, tell them who will be making their work and where the lab is before we send work away and of course we give the patients the laboratory report and guarantee when the work is completed.

All our labs are local we do not send work far away and we have a long working relationship spanning 25 years with the laboratory technicians. They know our expectations and our standards and send back work of an exemplary nature. Crowns match so perfectly that even the dentist cannot tell! Our dentures fit well and are very comfortable.

British bitemark

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