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At The Whitehouse Dental Practice the safety of our staff and patients is our top priority.
In accordance with the current guidelines and the increased need for social distancing, we will be temporarily closing the practice from Friday 27th March 2020.
In the event of a dental emergency, we will be available for telephone advice using the following emergency numbers:
07910 331 814, 07983 727 489 or 01827 918 440.
We hope all our patients stay safe during this difficult time.
The Whitehouse Dental Team 


Toothpaste is an essential everyday item. Most Adults are conditioned however to cover the entire bristles of their toothbrush with toothpaste ( a slug!). This liberal amount is far too much. Its the companies selling toothpaste who like to advertise a brush  product so they sell more.

Our daily allowance come from two types of sugars

  • Natural occurring - found in fruit and milk
  • Refined processed sugars - adding sugar into tea/coffee.

Do you ever wonder what a dentist actually does when you are having a "routine check up". Yes as a patient you are informed of the cost and how long it will take but what is the dental surgeon actually doing apart from listening to radio 2 while you are lying there!

First of all I would come into the waiting room to collect my patient. This I feel is important as the experience starts in reception. I ask my patient to make themselves comfortable on the chair  and ask about their general health. I will check the medical history and that it has been signed and dated.

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